Richard Howland

Born in the UK, I spent my childhood moving wherever my Dad’s job took us, around England and a few years in the Netherlands. A lot of early travel seems to have had lasting effects.

Rich in Zion on Angel's Landing

Rich in Zion on Angel’s Landing

In 1999 the travel seed was firmly planted in my head after a backpacking trip around Eastern Europe, including Hungary, Croatia and the Czech Republic. The trip, which preceded internet and cell phones, long before social media reared it’s head, gave me a sense of being truly off the grid. It inspired me to travel further afield and take every opportunity to explore new countries.

In 2010 I moved to the USA to teach, and over the next six years I used all of the lavish vacation time teachers are provided, particularly the summers, to meticulously explore the United States. The majority of my American adventures have been long road trips including many tours around the National Parks and a ten thousand mile return road trip from Chicago to Alaska.

Photography is my passion and I specialize in landscapes and nature shots. My enjoyment of travel is rivaled only by my love of taking pictures everywhere I go! My mission is to enable Unearthed World readers to witness the spectacular sites that we discover, and perhaps inspire others to explore.

With just Maine, Vermont and Hawaii left I’m three States from my goal of road tripping all fifty. My next goal is to road trip down the South American coastline, before beginning to explore the magical continent of Africa.