Stephanie Cryer

You could say that I’ve been traveling since birth, born in Hong Kong to British parents, we moved regularly throughout my childhood. At the first possible opportunity I bought a backpack and hiking boots and headed to Peru for a month long expedition at seventeen. Since then I have visited over thirty countries and my aim is to reach forty before I turn thirty!

Steph Kayaking in Alaska

Steph Kayaking in Alaska

After graduating University I spent three months living and volunteering in the Southern rainforest of Thailand. I learnt so much about the culture, language and way of life that I seriously considered staying and becoming a peanut farmer instead of an accountant! Alas it was not meant to be so I continued exploring, which led me to Australia, Singapore, Fiji, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, Ireland, Alaska and New Zealand .

Having thrown my initial plan of three months out of the window I stayed in New Zealand for a year. I spent time as a Hotel Receptionist in Franz Josef and a Financial Administrator in Wellington which gave me the time to travel the North and South Island extensively as well as learning more about the Kiwi culture and way of life.

I am now living in America for the second time, in the beautiful city of Chicago.

When I’m not out and about exploring I am concocting the next travel plan, dreaming up destinations and researching the epic adventures to be had. I have eleven more countries to conquer in the next five years to achieve my forty before thirty goal, but naturally I would love to add many more to my list! Having spent a lot of time in America and Asia I definitely have my heart set on South America and Africa as my next continents. Specifically Chile, Cuba, Kenya and Botswana. I love seeing more of the States but I’m yearning for a brand new culture to experience.