Visiting England

Visiting England Advice from a Local This article has been bubbling away in my mind for a few years now, pretty much since I moved to the USA seven years ago. I noticed very early on that my daily conversations…

How to Plan & Enjoy a Hiking Trip

How to Plan & Enjoy a Hiking Trip

How to Plan & Enjoy a Hiking Trip Have you spent too long looking at random Facebook and Instagram posts depicting images of mountains and rivers and a hiker, boots laced with the sunset disappearing in the distance? Do you…

Photographing the Parks

Photographing The Parks

Photographing The Parks: Tips for Getting Incredible Photos Over the last seven years I’v spent a good deal of time vanishing on short notice for trips which involve endless driving, early morning get ups, hiking and a good deal of sitting…

UP Civil War
Road Tripping, Travel Tales

How the U.P. Won the Civil War

How the U.P. Won the Civil War In high school I picked Geography. I considered all of my options rather carefully, thinking about future careers, further educational routes and academic prestige, then I threw them out and decided that it…

Road Trip Cheaply
Road Tripping

You Can Road Trip Cheaply

You Can Road Trip Cheaply I know what you’re thinking: a road trip sounds really fun but how can I do it without it costing thousands of dollars and ending up being so expensive you may as well have just…