Stay Entertained Road Tripping

How to Keep Yourself Entertained Road Tripping

As exciting and enjoyable as road tripping is sometimes there are days of endless driving past mundane surroundings cramped up in the front of the car. Having driven to Alaska and back from Chicago and across the States this summer I’ve spent my fair share of time in a car. Sometimes the time flies by as you stare in awe at the passing scenery, other times each hour feels like a day. So here’s my list on how to keep yourself entertained whilst road tripping.

Download your favorite podcasts

We’ve made our way through many an entertaining series whilst on the road. Pick your favorites and download in bulk before you leave- you may have intermittent wifi whilst away. I would highly recommend the “TED Radio Hour”, “My Dad Wrote a Porno”, “Comedy Central”, “This American Life”, “Hidden Brain” and “Stuff You Should Know”. If you can’t decide, just download an audiobook. Having a variety to choose from means you can put on whichever podcast suits your mood.

Car games

There are loads of car games we play to pass the time, some may take you 10-15 minutes, others you will come back to again and again.

  • Choose a subject (such as animals, fruit and veg etc), the first person says a word and the next person has to use the last letter of the previous word. E.g Cat – Turtle – Elephant etc
  • Keep your eyes out for the American flag, the first person to spot the flag gets the point, this can be an ongoing tally!
  • Set a timer for 10 seconds, chose a subject and then name ten things within the time. This game is a lot harder than you think but a great laugh!
  • Similar to the first game, choose a topic and then see how many things you can name. Have a ten second timer rule (count on your fingers), the person who runs out of time loses.

Improve your geography skills

Being travel mad I like to be knowledgable about the geography of the world, know my countries and where they are located. Sometimes we pick a specific country, e.g the USA, other times a continent. Download a map of the area you have selected and use the time to learn the countries or states. For our west coast road trip we learnt not only all of the state names but their location on the map and the states they border. It was surprisingly fun and increased my map knowledge!!

Learn a language

There are loads of free resources online that you can download prior to your trip, so tick it off your bucket list and use those hours to brush up on your French or Spanish in preparation for a future trip to Europe!

Road Trip Bingo

Now you can either buy a game or make one yourself. Think about the things you are likely to pass on your trip, don’t make it too easy though. Make a card with five squares by five and fill them with objects you may observe. Think airport, tanker, motorhome, horses, sports cars, 60mph signs, over pass, corn field etc. If you make them yourself, have a few to spice things up. You can play by traditional bingo rules or we sometimes just see how quickly we can tick all of the items off. Work together or compete!

Make a playlist

We never go anywhere without a playlist. Radio can be unreliable, repetitive and full of advertisements. So make a list of your favorite songs, some classics and new releases and have a sing a long with the windows down. Not only is this entertainment but when your trip is over and you hear a song from your playlist it will bring all those fun times and memories back.

Have a discussion

One of my favorite things to do in life is have a good discussion, sometimes it’s about current events, future plans, ultimate desserts or the previous days activities. Conversation will occur naturally of course but as everyone starts to get tired I like to initiate discussions. Pose two questions and then the other person chooses one to answer, go back and forth asking each other random questions and learn more about the people you are with, read a local newspaper and talk about a random article or discuss the podcasts you listened to throughout the day. There are loads of topics to talk about to pass the day and you’ll often find by making an initial effort, natural conversation will ensue and the hours will fly by.

Obviously long lengths of time in the car go hand and hand with road tripping, but don’t let it be a chore make it part of the journey. Give these suggestions a go and let me know what you think. Are there any games you play? Comment so I can give them a go next time!

Keep traveling,