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Exploring a new city can be a tricky thing no matter how long you intend to be there, so when we were approached by Go Snoop to play their Golden Mount Eclipse game, we jumped at it. 

The Concept

For anyone new to the concept, Go Snoop essentially run a treasure hunt. You are given a bag of clues and a brief, it’s then your teams’ mission to unravel the mysterious disappearance of a family while sleuthing your way through parts unknown, plus some great Bangkok landmarks. 

We met our Go Snoop representative and ‘games master’ at our predetermined location in Rattanakosin, near the Golden Mount along with our competitors who seemed eager to give us a good Snoop-off! Players seemed to be a mix of ex-pats and tourists of all ages, none of us had really explored this part of Bangkok so we were ready for a good walk. 

Go Snoop City ViewOur Day

Armed with a bag of clues, a map of the route and games masters phone number (just in case we got lost!) we began to decipher the mystery, each clue led us to a new location with a new task to solve at each one. The highlight was the beginning, with a stunning lookout from the golden mount temple, which I’d not seen before and had on my wishlist already. Tickets are included in your fee, so we shot to the top and took in the views. From this point on, you are taken down back alleys, to little coffee shops and along rivers until you end up at a little bar for finish line drinks. 

Our Thoughts

There are definitely some challenging tasks involved, finding coded phrases, using number combinations to decipher another clue and using information in your surroundings to assist you in cracking those riddles. Some of them are absolute genius whilst, on reflection, we thought that some clues were nearly impossible, all of them however add to the excitement of the chase and solving the case. The biggest challenge of all is keeping your cool long enough to crack the clues!

Go Snoop Clue SolvingThe whole game took around three hours, and we felt like we got to see parts of the city we wouldn’t usually head to. The game was exhilarating and we were constantly bumping into our rival teams along the way. The time really flew, the experience was unique and our heart rates were up the whole time. 

Our only comment would be the price of the experience, at 900TB it seemed a little high considering what’s included and that it’s a majoritively self-guided tour, however we appreciated the intricacy of the clues and well thought out route. 

The major plus point is the quality of the mystery and the intricacy of the clues. We did have to think hard and work as a team to solve the puzzles along the way, so when you crack them it feels amazing!

Go Snoop Clue Solving on streetIn summary

It’s a good route, and the clues are well thought out, we felt the price was a couple of hundred too high, but let’s be honest, we’re talking a few dollars, and it will keep you occupied and exploring for hours. It’s perfect for groups, team building, with the new friends you met at the hostel, exploring Bangkok as a new city or one you’ve visited before.We would definitely do this again, and take friends, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for the release of the new games on their website….

If you want to follow in our footsteps and beat our record use code GoSnoopxunearthedworld code when you’re booking for a 10% discount!

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This post is sponsored by GoSnoop. As always, all views expressed are entirely our own.