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Travel is more than just our passion, it's our life.

Hi to everyone.
We are the team!

We are Steph & Rich, a devoted traveling couple with nomadic genes and a desire to share. Explore, and we hope you find it helpful.

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Seeing so many
different cultures have
been instrumental in
how we’ve approached
our writing & photography.

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Visiting England

Visiting England Advice from a Local This article has been bubbling away in my mind for a few years now, pretty much since I moved to the USA seven years ago. I noticed very early on that my daily conversations…

How to Plan & Enjoy a Hiking Trip

How to Plan & Enjoy a Hiking Trip

How to Plan & Enjoy a Hiking Trip Have you spent too long looking at random Facebook and Instagram posts depicting images of mountains and rivers and a hiker, boots laced with the sunset disappearing in the distance? Do you…

Road tripping south ireland
Road Tripping

Road Tripping South Ireland

Road Tripping South Ireland   Have you ever wanted to uncover the hidden gems of the emerald isle? Fantasize about driving down thin country lanes passing castle ruins and finding fairies? Well that’s exactly what I wanted to do so…

Photographing the Parks

Photographing The Parks

Photographing The Parks: Tips for Getting Incredible Photos Over the last seven years I’v spent a good deal of time vanishing on short notice for trips which involve endless driving, early morning get ups, hiking and a good deal of sitting…


Gift ideas for travelers

Gift Ideas for the travelers in your life It’s getting to that time of year again when we shower our loved ones with gifts and kindness. Now I am one of those people that will search high and low to…