One of the most diverse areas on earth, Europe encompasses over 10 million square kilometers and is filled with over 742 million citizens. When you consider that on its Western flank you could be walking the volcanic hiking trails of Iceland, and on it’s Southern edge you could stroll along Spanish beaches, it’s climatic and cultural gusto becomes apparent.

To a nervous young traveller the thought of roving around this multilingual, multicultural assortment of nations, provinces and principalities might be fairly daunting, however with a little planning and preparation this continent can be be a wanderer’s treasure trove.

In terms of physically getting around, few places beat Europe. The transport is phenomenal, both in terms of it’s reach and it’s affordability. This is a continent in which a flight from Italy to England can be as low as $20. Trains are not just a realistic alternative mode of transport, they are fundamental to a european traveler. Not only is travel cheap but so many varied destinations are just hours away. Though every country is unique and independent, visa’s are relatively easy to sort out. Most EU countries require only one visa to move between them for up to 90 days.

Another often scary hindrance to potential visitors is the language barrier, but in reality most countries are fairly well versed in English, and if you do find yourself in a tight spot, you can always whip out a handy translation book and muddle through.

Though the British love to complain about it, the climate in Europe is not particularly extreme. If one strolls to the far north of Norway in January, he or she may get a shock, but in general the weather fluctuates from pleasant to outright delightful.

The food here is impossible not to love, from the pizza’s and pastas of Italy to the cheese and pastries of France. German frankfurters to English fish and chips. A curious foodie could plan a year long trip around their culinary delights alone.

If you do get a chance to stop eating you may want to look around, as the history here is preserved in uncountable museums, monuments and architectural spectacles. With Eiffel Towers to Leaning Towers, Pena Palace to Buckingham Palace, the vast historical wealth is a major draw.

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