Central USA

Rural & Surprising

Central USA doesn’t make it easy for you. It’s certainly a tough road tripping terrain, not due to harsh roads or dangerous drives, just the sheer distances you must cover to see the pockets of the spectacular, but be assured, they are there.

In the  north, Wisconsin and Minnesota are lake heaven, with boating and waterspouts galore. Michigan with its spectacular upper peninsula is a hiking paradise and the whole area is topped off with Isle Royale National Park. You can drive and hike through the Badlands of North Dakota and see historic towns like Deadwood in South Dakota and pop into Mount Rushmore while you’re there.

Omaha and Kansas city have been overlooked for too long and have much to offer, while the Mississippi river road is one of the best drives in the country.

Texas, the land of the large is a spectacle in many ways, but the town of Austin brings a hip vibe to the state, known for its music and nightlife. While the state’s outdoor activities are often overlooked, there is hiking and sports to be had here.

In the far south, you will party hard in New Orleans, where stateside culture collides with Spanish and French influences to create an experience you won’t forget, or might, if you have too many grenades.


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