Eastern USA

Historic & Powerful

Summing up an area which spans from subtropical Florida to almost Arctic at times Maine, is a hard task. Road trips along the eastern states will deliver political and historic icons, plus tropical paradises most might believe not to exist beyond the Caribbean.

You will sit with white sand on your toes, watching a Pelican hover nearby whilst sipping a mojito. Enjoy the latin and central american influences in Miami and the overwhelming beauty of the the Appalachian Mountains, summarized iconically by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the lesser known but just as wonderful Shenandoah.

You will encounter quint colonialism and scenes which belong in old movies in Georgia and the Carolinas, sip some of Americas best whiskey while listening to classic country and blues in Kentucky & Tennessee and witness some of the most iconic cityscapes on earth in Washington and New York City.

You’ll be impressed by a large waterfall by the name of Niagara and drink in some of the oldest pubs in the USA and eat unbelievable seafood in Maine.

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Unearthed Maine

unearthing the smoky mountains

Vermont Film

Washington DC

State by State: Kentucky