Western USA

Romantic & Epic

Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Colorado, Utah… hell, California. Would I be lying if I pretended this side of the USA wasn’t my outright favorite? Yes. I would be. Endless possible road trip itineraries can wind you in and around this side of the country and you’ll never see enough. I couldn’t tell you how many trips I’ve done, and still feel like i’m barely scratching the surface.

The USA’s most underrated gem, Oregon, will give you endless lush coastal forests and vistas, lush waterfalls and foggy morning sunrises. Washington state might just be the biggest hiking paradise on the map and it’s national parks are certainly in the top few. Utah is all he canyons and crazy arches, clear starry skies and vast expanses. Colorado at the eastern edge boasts the astonishingly beautiful rocky mountains and the overwhelming number of cute towns within them.
New Mexico’s white sands desert is as surprising as the alien landing at Roswell and Arizona is an outdoor adventurers playground. Cities from Seattle to San Deigo, L.A. to Las Vegas, Portland to San Fransisco, offer such diversity you’ll feel you traversed continents.
Then of course the outdoors wonders of Yellowstone and Yosemite, two of the most undeniably breathtaking locations on planet Earth sit waiting for you to road trip in and camp your way through. Sequoia National park boasts the biggest tree on Earth and its a stones thrown from a place no trees grow all too well, Death Valley. The west is wild, it’s the movies, it’s untamable and it’s unforgettable.


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