quarantine, isolated, in the dark, all alone

Quarantine for Some

We are in quarantine. Yep, like much of the world we’ve been told to isolate. Three weeks ago schools shut. That was the first giant shift. Then we were sent home to work remotely, which made things very surreal. Now we’re all self quarantining and we’re been told the possibility of a 24 hour forced curfew is imminent. So what are we doing now? Well, probably the same as you are. We’re not in the US or the UK, but here in Asia things are pretty much the same (for us) as anywhere else. 

Looking out of the window you wouldn’t know it. Most people here appear to be going about life as normal, the government shut stores and non-essentials, but they remain largely open and un-policed. Transport still runs, and huge swathes of people are forced to congregate at work and at immigration where the government forces thousands to huddle together on a daily basis. So effectively no real action is occurring in Thailand, and why bother when the government just lies about the number of infections anyway?! Strange how the country with the largest influx of Wuhan visitors hasn’t had an issue, and very odd how the number of ‘flu’ cases went from hundreds a week to thousands when the outbreak began though…

Meanwhile, we are being told by our company to self-isolate and quarantine. So this is us! 

Self Isolation Film

Hope everyone is taking care and doing well, hopefully this lasts no longer than a few more weeks, I can’t wait for the world to return to normal! Please stay safe everyone, and though we can’t ‘keep traveling’, we can still talk and communicate.

Feel free to keep up to date with us, and what’s going on here in Asia on our youtube channel here!

Stay safe!