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This week we’ve got you guys a little gift, a free packing list download!

After several years and more road trips than we can count, we feel like we have packing down to a fine art. It’s not until you’re in the middle of a backcountry campsite that you think how useful something might be or how complicated packing and unpacking essentials every day can become. With that in mind, we have come up with the ultimate road trip packing list for you to tick off as you go. Laminate it and use a dry marker to keep re-using, color it in as you pack each element or simply use the tick boxes as you go. 

Download “Road Trip Packing List” Road-Trip-Packing-List.pdf – Downloaded 235 times – 47 KB

Our biggest tip for longer-term road travel is to pack similar items in individual boxes so they are easier to pull out all at once, without having to unpack the whole car. Keep your cooking things in one box, shower items in another and clothes in another for convenient access. We also have a divider box to keep essentials close by without having knives, forks and seasonings all over the back.

Take a few extra plates for serving food, keeping chopped elements until you need them or for holding extra bread. Likewise, with cutlery, you’ll always find a use for the extra utensils. 

When it comes to seasoning we always carry small plastic bottles of salt, pepper and mixed herbs. A bottle of ketchup and mustard will also keep well and make those hot dogs taste even better.

A foldable water holder also comes in handy especially when you are staying for more than a few nights. Fill it up at the water point and rest it on a bench to have easy access for your whole stay and prevent a long walk every time you want to cook or have a cup of tea in the morning. 

Don’t forget your cleaning items for afterward, as these are truly critical to stress-free, happy camping! We try and tidy up completely after every meal, not only to be bear aware but also because everything is easier to clean if you do it immediately after use.

Packing List Car Trunk / Boot filled and packed

You’ll find as you travel that many of the things you use regularly at home have been taken for granted! If your torch runs out of batteries there’s no drawer with extras. You want to light the fire but there are no more matches, likewise sticky fingers from cooking or the need for a quick wash arise more often than you’d think, so remembering to pack a few extras and essentials will save you time and money (and maybe a few uncomfortable situations) once you are on the road. 

Ultimately you want to pack as efficiently as you can, minimize what you need to take, reduce the effort when you are on the road, and rather than repacking every day, spend more time enjoying the epic sites that come with a good American road trip!

Download “Road Trip Packing List” Road-Trip-Packing-List.pdf – Downloaded 235 times – 47 KB





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