VEGAS: Eating out

As cheap as Vegas is to fly in to and stay you’ll quickly realize that’s because, aside from the gambling, they make their money pricing up food and drink. Even our hotel room didn’t have any tea/coffee making facilities but the Starbucks downstairs was 24 hours. So unless you’re camping or have rented a place with cooking facilities you’re going to need to go out and eat, preferably without breaking the bank.
One option would be to eat McDonald’s morning, noon and night, but I always appreciate when you’re traveling places that offer a healthier option and something other than a burger, so we’ve come up with the top places to get good value whilst you grab a bite.

This gem not only lets you design your own pizza and then cooks it, within minutes, in a huge fire oven but also has beer you can pull yourself! The menu is simple, thin, thick or gluten free. It’s then up to you how you want to dress that delicious ball of dough.VEGAS: Eating out Their homemade tomato sauce is incredible and I can guarantee you are salivating by the time you have selected your cheese, salads and meats. There is a list of pizza suggestions that you can choose from if all those options are overwhelming but it’s ultimately up to you. By the time you’ve dispensed your drink and found a table your name is being called and a hot, freshly made pizza is waiting for you to gobble up. Coming in around $12 for a pizza and a soft drink, that we split between us, is kind on the wallet and stomach!

Grand Lux Cafe at the Palazo
Quite often the casinos aren’t your best choice when it comes to eating. However there are a few treasures where you’ll find a good meal at a good price. We stumbled across this one whilst waiting for a show and were thoroughly surprised at the deal, now I will say you need to go in happy hour, 4-6.30pm, but that’s a small sacrifice to get a good meal in budget. The happy hour menu had a good selection and the people watching was great. Whether you sit near the windows or take in the low lighted ambience inside you’ll feel like you’ve really treated yourself after this meal.

Divine Cafe at Springs Preserve

I love botanical gardens and I also adore, after a few hours meandering around and buffing up on my plant knowledge, visiting the cafes that come with them. And this has to be one of the coolest cafes I’ve ever been to.

VEGAS: Eating outHidden away behind the gift store and up a spiral staircase it took us a minute to find but once we did the doors opened out into this huge indoor space. With additional seating outdoors on the balcony, overlooking Vegas and the surrounding mountains, and a jazz band playing it was a great place to sit down, make some notes and regain our energy. They serve brunch at the weekends, with a fully stocked bloody Mary bar, host happy hour on Thursdays and have a standard menu that has everything from sandwiches to salads to tater tots and pizzas. The added bonus is that you can just visit the cafe if you don’t have time for the gardens and museums.

Gordon Biersch
This brew house is just a block from the strip but you get a lot more bang for your buck here. Obviously there is an extensive menu of craft beers to choose from where you can delight in a flight if the feeling takes you or enjoy a pint. The food, however, was the star of the show. I had a delicious grilled chicken breast glazed in a Woodford Reserve Bourbon sauce accompanied by a quinoa kale salad and slaw. Rich feasted on bratwurst, specialty garlic fries and mashed potatoes and we barely touched the menu made up of sliders, tacos, grills, pasta, fish and chips, salads and flatbreads. Your options are truly ample. The food was exquisite and very reasonably priced in a great brewery setting.

Roxy’s Diner at the Stratosphere
Now I know fast food, although convenient, can become tiresome especially when travelling but Roxy’s Diner was a bit of a guilty pleasure.

VEGAS: Eating outIt had a full 50’s theme from glittering red booths to silver tables, the Roxy’s experience even comes with singing waiter’s and waitress’s (this may sound cheesy but was incredibly fun). They have a standard diner menu with big breakfasts, burger options and giant desserts. Quick, easy and a lot of fun.


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VEGAS: Eating out