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Travel is more than just our passion, it's our life.

Hi to everyone.
We are the team!

We are Steph & Rich, a devoted traveling couple with nomadic genes and a desire to share. Explore, and we hope you find it helpful.

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Photography category

Seeing so many
different cultures have
been instrumental in
how we’ve approached
our writing & photography.

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Insane Sunrise Photo’s & how to get them

Okay so, we all know that magic hour is special and we need to be hitting them for glorious photos and bla bla bla… but what really goes into getting a sunrise photo? Enter “Sunrise: Ep1” which is a little…

Bucket Shots portrait of me

Bucket Shots Night Market Mission

Hey everyone and welcome to Episode 1 of Bucket Shots! So our work on youtube has continued to increase, meaning we’ve really kept a low profile on here for a while now. We are about to start linking the two…

Sri Lanka Top 5 Beach swing

Sri Lanka Film Series Part 1

Hey every one! So we are flying along in 2019, and our mad push for video content is well underway! We’ve been accelerating our work on YouTube a lot, and we have just finished a 7 part series on Sri Lanka. So, here…


Vlogging Expats Keeping Up With Unearthed

This week we thought we’d show you a few of our update vlogs, just in case you haven’t been following our youtube or Instagram, if you have wondered what we’re like in real life, now you know! Sorry! Seriously though, we…